The Essential Pre Holiday Checklist You MUST Follow for Women

Even when you’re travelling for leisure, prepping for your trip can feel anything but leisurely. Who hasn’t spent the evening before a holiday frantically trying to remember everything they need?

When you panic pack in this manner, you’re virtually guaranteed to forget something. This can be especially true for women, who typically must pack items than male passengers. That’s where we come in.

We have prepared this comprehensive essential pre holiday checklist for our female readers. In it, you’ll find everything you could possibly need during your upcoming vacation!

Documentation and Information

Documentation & Information Image - Essential Travel Items


If you’re planning on leaving the country, you won’t get very far without your passport. Make sure to store it somewhere it can be easily reached.

Boarding Pass

If you want to save yourself some time at the airport, check in online the night before and download your boarding pass directly onto your phone.

Accommodation Address

Be sure to take note of your accommodation address and check-in time the night before your trip. We suggest you store this information on your phone and make a physical note of it to avoid a low battery leaving you stranded.


Many people view travel insurance as an unnecessary expense. But in the pandemic era, it’s more important than ever to have protection against illness, injury, and cancelled flights.

Check out boughtbymany’s best travel insurance recommendations!


When holidaying outside your currency zone, be sure to stock your wallet with some physical cash you can use upon arrival. Many countries still prefer physical cash, so you won’t always be in a position to pay by card.

Additional Tickets

If you’re going to be boarding a train, tram, or bus after arriving at the airport, you should always book your ticket in advance. This eradicates the chances of tickets selling out while simultaneously guaranteeing you a better price.


Clothing in suitcase - Essential Clothing Needed For Holidays


Always remember to pack weather-appropriate clothing to wear as you explore the streets of your destination. Loose is typically better here as it facilitates easier movement.


If you’re preparing for a beach holiday, be sure to pack beachwear. If you’re planning on buying a bikini upon arrival, you can expect to pay markedly more than you would back home.


Many pubs and clubs have strict dress codes in place, especially during busy periods. Find out the dress codes for the most popular nightlife venues in your destination and pack accordingly. Aim for one outfit for every evening.


If you’re staying in a warm country, loose pyjamas are the way to go. We suggest one pair of pyjamas for every three nights.

Comfy Shoes

You’re probably going to be doing a lot of walking during your holiday, so bring along a pair of comfortable shoes.

Slip-on Shoes

Slip-on shoes make for the perfect flight footwear. You won’t waste any time removing them when going through security at the airport.



The sun doesn’t just exist in Spain! Even when travelling to a cold climate, be sure to pack a pair of sunglasses.


Jewelry is a must, but we suggest bringing only inexpensive pieces. You don’t want to risk losing valuable jewelry!

Jewellery Images - Take Jewellery Away on Holiday

A Clutch

When settling on a holiday clutch, basic is always better. This makes it easier to pair with your outfits and eliminates the need for packing a second.

A Scarf

Just as you should pack sunglasses even when travelling to a cold country, you should pack a scarf even when travelling to a hot country. You’ll be thankful for it should the temperature drop.

Hair Bands

The last thing you want is your hair blowing in your face during a hike. Stop this from happening by packing a few hair bands.

A Baseball Cap

A baseball cap is particularly advantageous in hot countries. It can keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your neck from being burned.

For The Beach

Essential Travel Items For the Beach


Sunscreen is a must for any outdoor activity in a hot country, but is particularly important when visiting the beach.

A Beach Towel

Some beaches will rent you a beach towel, but you’ll end up paying an extortionate amount. Save some money by packing your own.


Sandals are the perfect beach footwear. Their compact size means they won’t take up any significant space in your luggage.

A Beach Bag

You’re going to need a bag to carry all your beach essentials. There’s no need to drop any serious cash here, any basic carrying bag will do.


Essential Tech When Travelling Image


We’re sure you don’t need to be reminded, but this is the essential pre holiday checklist. We can all agree that phones are pretty essential, so be sure to pack yours!

A Digital Camera

Many people rely on their phones to document their holidays. If you really want quality photos and videos, however, you should bring a digital camera along.


If you’re travelling alone, a pair of headphones will come in handy. Music and videos can really help pass the time on planes, trains, and buses.

A Kindle

Just like headphones, a kindle will come in handy during long journeys.

Phone Charger

Pack your phone charger in your carry-on luggage in case you need to charge your phone in the airport.

A Power Bank

Hiking, sightseeing, and other common holiday activities will keep you away from a traditional power supply. Packing a power bank will help you keep your phone charged on the go.


Health Items You need to Include in your Suitcase


If you’re planning a night of cocktails, be sure to pack some painkillers so you don’t lose valuable vacation time the following day.

Lip Balm

Chapped lips are often a consequence of travelling. Packing lip balm can help you keep them at bay.


Contraception should be packed separate from jewelry, heavy objects, and anything else that could damage it.

Anti-Diarrheal Medication

As fun as it is to explore new cuisine, some unfamiliar foods may upset your stomach. Pack some anti-diarrheal medication that you can rely on in such a situation.

A Toothbrush

Purchase a new toothbrush before leaving home and keep it in the packaging until you are ready to use it.

Travel Toothpaste

Pack a small tube of travel toothpaste, especially if you have a long flight, as you’ll probably want to freshen up when you get off the plane.

Insect Repellent

Insect bites are extremely common in hot countries, so pack a quality insect repellent to protect yourself from those pesky creatures.

Sanitary Products

Sanitary products should be packed even if you don’t expect to use them during your holiday.


Hiking often causes cuts and blisters, so remember to include a packet of plasters among your health items.


High temperatures are likely going to dehydrate your skin, making a tube of moisturiser a must.


Beauty items you need to take away with you

Razors and Shaving Cream

No essential pre holiday checklist would be complete without razors and shaving cream! Remember to pack the razors in your checked luggage.


When you purchase deodorant, try to choose an antiperspirant formula to combat the extreme heat.


When night falls, put your deodorant in your hotel bathroom cabinet and unpack your perfume!

Shower Gel

The shower gel hotels provide tends to be too small for use, so we suggest packing your own.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Just like shower gel, you should pack your own shampoo and conditioner to avoid relying on those provided by your accommodation.


A quality hairbrush is a great way to care for your hair as it adjusts to seawater and increased sun exposure.


Your makeup should be packed separately from any hard objects as they could potentially crack the containers.

Makeup Brushes

We suggest only packing basic makeup brushes as expensive models may be lost or damaged during your trip.

Makeup Remover

Leaving makeup on overnight can damage your skin, so be sure to pack your makeup remover.

Nail Polish

Nail polish is preferable to fake nails here as the latter can be extremely uncomfortable when travelling.

Nail Polish Remover

Your holiday activities will likely cause your nail polish to chip, so packing your nail polish remover will help you even things out.

Nail clippers

If you’re packing for an extended trip, be sure to bring a pair of nail clippers in your checked luggage.

A Hair dryer

Capping off this essential pre holiday checklist is a hair dryer. Hotels typically provide hair dryers, but they almost always lack the power necessary to add life to hair. You can find a quality travel hair dryer online that will keep your hair looking its fullest throughout your holiday!

Please feel free to print this post off!

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