Best Water Parks in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

In this article, we are going to tell you about three of our favourite water parks in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Whether you are seeking the thrill of waterslides, a place where you can play with your youngest family members, or a just a fun day out, these waterparks will have something for you.

We will discuss the pros and cons of each park and provide all the relevant information for visiting the parks.

Here is our guide to the best water parks in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. 

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park

What Does The Rancho Texas Have To Offer?

The Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park is so much more than just a water park.

This establishment combines:

  • An interactive zoo – a place where you can look at and learn about animals, with the possibility to get up close to dolphins and sea-lions.
  • Wild West-themed entertainment – as well as the occasional western-themed night, there is a daily lasso show and a plethora of wild-west themed decorations throughout the park.
  • A large pool – there is a huge area dedicated to the water park within the complex.
  • Waterslides – there are gentle slides for children and some steeper slides for adrenaline seekers.

This Lanzarote water park is mainly aimed at children but can still be enjoyed by all.

Many young visitors enjoy the ‘ranch-themed‘ water feature with a huge tipping bucket. Young children can also enjoy numerous gentle waterslides dotted around the park. There are also plenty of shallow water areas for children to play in.

Adjacent to the children’s areas are large spaces where parents can relax and supervise simultaneously. There are bars and restaurants on-site to ensure that you do not need to stress over meals.

There is a rapid pool, toboggan slides, and plenty of sun-beds for those visitors who have outgrown the children’s pool.

Other Activities in the Park – This Park Offers Much More Than Your Typical Waterpark!

Aside from the water park, Rancho Texas Lanzarote is home to many animal residents. There are opportunities for you to interact with sea-lions and with dolphins. For an additional cost, you can stroke, play and swim with the animals.

There are daily presentations with the animals which are included in your entrance ticket. Two times a day, the staff put on a dolphin show at 11.30 am and 1.45 pm.

Sea-lion shows take place two or three times daily, depending on the time of year.

There are also daily shows of macaws and cockatoos, birds of prey, and a lasso show. Times and information can be found in the opening times and exhibitions section of the official park website.

If you wish to have a more hands-on experience with the dolphins or sea-lions, you can purchase an interactive experience with your tickets. The prices for this have been detailed below.

Aside from the presentations and the interactive experiences, there is also a zoo on site. You can find everything from cougars and tigers, to giant tortoises and Komodo dragons.

Entrance to the zoo is included in your ticket price.

Below are some images of the animals you will be able to see when visiting the zoo.

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park - Animals
Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park - Animals
Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park - Animals

Opening Hours & Best Time To Visit

The park is open all year round, between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm.

These times are subject to change, so do ensure you check the official website for any updates before visiting.

The summer months tend to be the busiest times to be at the water park. The winter months are warm enough by most visitor’s standards and will offer a break from the crowds. 


The park is located on the outskirts of Peurto Del Carmen, on the island of Lanzarote. You can walk the 3.5km from the Old Town Harbour which should take around 45 minutes. 

Alternatively, the park offers a free shuttle service that runs throughout Puerto Del Carmen.

This departs twice a day during the peak season and once a day during the quieter months.

There are also daily shuttles from Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise, both of which are urban areas relatively close to the complex. 

You can find information regarding the shuttle service from each location by clicking on the links of each town name.


As there are many different attractions at the Racho Texas Lanzarote Park, the price of entry depends largely upon what you intend to be doing there.

Canary Island residents can buy discounted tickets to the complex, whereas tourists have to pay a little more.

The standard entrance to the park costs 30€ for adults and 22€ for children under 12 years. Canary Island residents can enter at a lowered price of 19€ and 14€ respectively.

These tickets will allow you to see the animal shows and exhibitions as well as access the water park. 

One of the main attractions in the park is the possibility to get up close to dolphins and sea-lions. For those who want to interact with the animals, you can buy an entrance ticket combined with an experience. 

A combined park entrance and sea lion experience ticket costs 80€ for adults and 72€ for children. For local residents, it costs 69€ for adults and 64€ for children. 

A combined park entrance and dolphin experience ticket is a little more expensive again. For adults, this costs 130€ and 122€ for children.

These prices are again lowered for residents, costing 119€ for adults and 114€ for children. 

Acua Water Park Fuerteventura

What Makes This Waterpark Worth A Visit?

Inside the tourist town of Corralejo, Fuerteventura, is Acua Water Park.

Unlike Rancho Texas, the park focuses on being purely a water park, with plenty of amenities and dining options to ensure a comfortable visit. This is perfect for those who are not so interested in interacting with the wildlife, as entrance fees are reduced as a result.

This Fuerteventura water park appeals to visitors of all ages. Although the park is best suited for families, visitors of all ages will find something that they enjoy.

For Younger Guests

Acua Water Park Fuerteventura - Young Water Play Area for Children

There is a large area specifically for the children covering roughly half of the 25,000 square meter space that the water park occupies. 

There is a large pool for infants, adjacent to a large area where parents can relax in view of their children. This is surrounded by a slow-moving, lazy river.

In the infant pool, there are a number of gentle slides to entertain the kids. The water is never deeper than 120cm.

In the slides section of the park, there are numerous small versions of the larger rides, aimed specifically at the children.

There is a mini version of the ‘Pistas Blandas’ slide and also a smaller and less extreme version of the ‘Kamikaze’.

Children will also enjoy the brightly coloured Laguna Splash Pool next to the smaller water slides.

For Older Guests

For those who are simply wishing to relax in the sun, there are sunbeds and free wifi all over the park. Jacuzzi pools can also be found in the area near the bottom of the water slides.

There are poolside bars and restaurants to ensure that you are well catered for during your visit. 

Those with teens will also enjoy the park.

Acua Water Park Fuerteventura - WaterSlide

The ‘Kamikaze’ slides appeal to those with a need for speed.

Acua Water Park Fuerteventura - WaterSlide

Teenagers will also enjoy racing each other on the ‘Pistas Curvas’ slides – two identical slides, mirroring each other’s twists and turns. The ‘Dark Cave’ slide will disorientate riders through a twisting route in pitch-black darkness.

There is also a large wave pool. 

Opening Hours & Best Time to Visit

The park does close over winter, although exact dates vary each year.

It is best to check the official website for up to date information about when the park will be open. Generally speaking, between the start of April and the start of November, Acua Water Park will be open for business.

In 2021, the park will open on March 26th.

The peak season for visiting is in July and August. Those wishing to avoid the crowds may wish to visit either side of these months while the park is open. 

During the peak season, the park is open between 10.00 am and 6.00 pm.

When the park is less busy, it is open between 10.30 am and 5.30 pm.

Do check the official page for exact updates on which times apply to which dates before visiting. 


This Fuerteventura water park is located in the tourist town of Corralejo.

If you are staying in Corralejo, the park’s central location is easily accessible by foot, being roughly 1km from the beach Playa de Los Verilitos.

If you are staying elsewhere on the island and pre-book your tickets, there is a shuttle service available, although this comes at an additional cost to the entrance fee.

The service covers both the North and South of Fuerteventura and exact details about estimated pickup times and locations can be found on the official website.

You must organise the shuttle service prior to the pickup and is not available every day of the week.

Ensure that you contact the Acua Water Park directly when booking your tickets to make sure that your shuttle service is guaranteed. 


Entrance to the park varies depending on how long you intend to visit, what time you are visiting, your age, and whether or not you are a local resident of The Canary Islands.

You can find exact details on the official page when you press the link with the text “see conditions” after each option.

For most of the days that the park is open, the entrance fee for an adult is 25€, for a child under 12 years and for seniors above 60 is 19€, and for disabled people is 5€.

Residents can enter at the lower price of 17€ for an adult, 12€ for a child or senior, and stays at 5€ for disabled people. 

If you intend to visit the park for 2 days within a period of seven days, you can save a little money.

For adults, this costs 38€ instead of 50€, for children and seniors it costs 29€ instead of 38€ and for disabled people it costs 10€.

These prices are also deflated for residents of The Canaries. 

Round-trip transport, if pre-booked, costs 8€ per person on top of the ticket price.

Some days will cost you more or less than these rates, so do ensure to check the website prior to visiting to make sure that you find the best rate for you. 

Aqualava Water Park Lanzarote 

Still A Very Solid Pick…

Aqualava Water Park is located in the southern town of Playa Blanca, in Lanzarote.

What makes Aqualava Water Park unique is the localised feel centered around the island’s volcanic geology. Not only is this water park named and themed as such, but they also geothermally heat all of their water in an environmentally friendly way.

There is a large saltwater wave pool that simulates the ocean, only with much stronger safety measures in place. Teenagers and young adults will also appreciate the adrenaline pumping waterslides around the park.

Most of the park is aimed at children.

Aqualava Water Park Lanzarote - Octopus Area

A large area of the park is designated for younger visitors, centered around a giant octopus in an area called ‘Corsario Bay’.

Parents will find many sun-beds around the children’s area to supervise their children while relaxing in holiday-mode. ‘Corsario Bay’ also keeps children entertained with gentle slides and a large tipping bucket above a shallow pool.

The waterpark has an area called the ‘Magma river’ which is a continuous looping channel with a gentle current. This is a great place for older visitors to relax in a gentle motion, or for younger children who are able to confidently swim to play.

Aqualava Water Park Lanzarote - Child Getting off WaterSlide

In the ‘Timan Fire’ section of the park, you will find 5 waterslides of varying speeds. These include the popular ‘Aqua Bowl’ slide which shoots riders into a large, round funnel which they eventually drop from the bottom of into a deep pool below.

While the park is a little smaller than the two competitors mentioned before, the family-friendly attraction has something to offer every visitor. 

Opening Hours & Best Time To Visit

The Aqualava Water Park is open throughout the year, although scheduled closures in quieter months are a possibility.

Be sure to check the official website before you visit to ensure the attraction will be open. 

During the summer months (end of May until end of August) the park is open between and 6.00 pm. For the rest of the year, the park closes one hour earlier at 5.00.

The water in the park is geothermally heated and so visiting during any month is a pleasant experience.

Even when the temperature outside of the water is a little on the cold side, the water itself will always be at the perfect temperature. 


The water park is located in Playa Blanca on Lanzarote. If you are staying in the town, the park is less than 1km from Playa Flamingo and easily accessible by foot. 

When driving to the park, you will be delighted with the free parking all around the attraction. 

While the park is located in Lanzarote, it is possible to book a combined ferry and entrance ticket directly with the park.

The ferry leaves from the tourist town of Corralejo, and you will need to take the line 30 bus to get to the entrance of the park. 

For those staying on the island of Lanzarote, there is a shuttle service from Costa Teguise, Porto del Carmen, and Playa Blanca included in the ticket price.

Be sure to contact the park directly through the official website to check the times of the bus, as these are subject to change. 


Unlike the other two parks, entrance fees are fairly consistent at Aqualava Water Park. 

For overseas tourists, a single day entry costs 21€ for adults and 14.50€ for children. Residents of The Canaries can enter the park for the reduced rate of 16€ and 12€ respectively.

You can purchase a 1 or 2-week access pass to the park at a cheaper rate, for which it is best to check the official website for information, where all tickets can be booked online.

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