Best Beaches in Devon

British people love a good beach holiday. It’s impossible to blame them. After all, is there anything more relaxing than lounging on a sunbed, listening to the ocean with a cocktail in your hand? I’m getting a tan just thinking about it. What if we told you, you didn’t have to leave Britain to lounge on a gorgeous sandy beach? Believe it or not, the UK is home to a number of beaches that can rival anything you’ll find in Lanzarote.

Many of these beaches are located in the British counties of Devon. They boast the perfect environment for a spot of Meditarrean relaxation, complemented by easy access to the traditional British food and drink that we all love. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the 10 best beaches in Devon. Each is guaranteed to make you forget all about your sun holiday that never was.

Let’s get started with the The Best Beaches in Devon:

Woolacombe Beach

If you’re visiting Devon with the kids in tow, Woolacombe Beach is the place to be. This is one of the most popular child-friendly beaches in the county and it isn’t hard to see why. Its three miles of shoreline offer plenty of room for little ones to run and play. Meanwhile, swimming lessons are offered during the summer months, so your kids can return from their vacation as bonafide expert swimmers.

But Woolacombe Beach isn’t just for families. The beach is characterized by its spacious beach huts. These huts provide the perfect spot for couples to enjoy each other’s company without threat of interruption from younger beachgoers.

Exmouth Beach

Exmouth Beach in Devon

Exmouth Beach in Devon is, in many ways, the antithesis of Praa Sands Beach. With miles of shoreline, it is one of the more sizable beaches in Devon. In fact, you’ll have a hard time finding a beach anywhere else in the UK that can trump it in terms of size. This means you’ll have ample space to relax, even when the beach is at its busiest.

As its name suggests, Exmouth Beach is located in the town of Exeter. Exeter is a quaint seaside town that encapsulates everything we love about the Britain of old. You can stroll down the promenade with a stick of rock; you can enjoy a cup of tea while gazing out at the ocean; and at dinner you can gorge on some of the finest fish and chips in the country.

The only negative thing one could say about Exmouth Beach is that it’s not fit for a day trip. If you are to truly enjoy the beach, Exeter, and everything they have to offer, you’ll have to stay in the seaside town for at least a weekend. That’s not a bad problem to have!

Budleigh Salterton Beach

Sandy beaches are great, but they can sometimes be a challenge to walk on. If you’re searching for a beach that you can take that mythical long walk on, a stoney beach is always better. Enter Budleigh Salterton Beach in Devon. Budleigh Salterton Beach is made up not of sand, but of millions of tiny pebbles. This makes it markedly easier to walk on than a sandy beach, while also giving it a picturesque appearance that can rival even Cornwall’s Kynance Cove.

Along with its pebble shoreline, Budleigh Salterton Beach is known for its pristine seawater. Because this beach isn’t particularly popular among tourists, its waters are virtually untouched. The conscientious visitor can swim here without fear of pollution, toxins, or litter.

Bantham Beach

Bantham Beach is located, surprise surprise, in the Devon town of Bantham. What makes Bantham Beach so special is its blending of the traditional English countryside with its sandy shore. Just as the ocean meets the beach’s shore, its shore meets fresh green fields that wouldn’t seem out of place on a farm. This makes it the ideal beach to visit with your dog in tow.

Bantham Beach is extremely popular among families. Normally, the frequent presence of young children would result in a beach showing signs of litter and wear. However, there is a concentrated effort to keep Bantham Beach appearing as untouched as possible. Locals regularly clean the beach, so you can be certain it will be in pristine condition for your visit.

Jacob’s Ladder Beach

Jacob’s Ladder Beach in Devon

Jacob’s Ladder Beach is located near the Devon town of Sidmouth. It can be a little tricky to get to, but we highly suggest making some time to visit if you’re holidaying in the area. The beach is famous for the steps which lead from the surrounding Connaught Gardens down to its stoney shores. It is from these steps that the name Jacob’s Ladder was derived.

Once you reach the bottom of the “ladder”, you can indulge in the beach’s unblemished waters and take in the sun on a sunbed. Alternatively, you can continue walking and cross the shoreline into the nearby scenic hillside. What rests at the top of Jacob’s Ladder is almost as interesting as the beach below. Cafes and restaurants operate here, serving beachgoers as they prepare to make their way down to the stoney paradise below.

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