How to rent e-scooters and e-bikes in London

Exploring London’s vibrant streets on two wheels is an exciting and eco-friendly way to get around. E-scooters and e-bikes offer a fun and convenient alternative to public transport or taxis, allowing you to navigate the city with ease.

At the moment when this article was written (December, 2023) the only way to legally ride an e-scooter on public roads and public places within London is using a rental scooter. And its use is also limited to specific boroughs.

With multiple companies operating in London, finding and renting a shared e-scooter or e-bike is a straightforward process. Here’s a guide to help you rent e-scooters and e-bikes in London:

Step 1: Choose Your Operator

London has a variety of e-scooter and e-bike operators, each with its own fleet, pricing structure, and app. Popular options include:

Dott – Dott is a Dutch micromobility company known for its sleek e-scooters and user-friendly app.

Lime – Lime is a global leader in scooter-sharing, offering a wide range of features, including GPS tracking, helmet rentals, and parking incentives.

Voi – Voi is a Swedish company known for its affordable prices and dedication to safety.

Step 2: Download the App

Once you’ve chosen your operator, download the corresponding app to your smartphone. The app will guide you through the registration process, which typically requires verifying your age and providing your driving license information.

Step 3: Locate an E-Scooter or E-Bike

Open the app and use the map to locate available e-scooters or e-bikes in your vicinity. The app will also display the vehicle’s battery level, making it easier to choose a charged one.

Step 4: Unlock the E-Scooter or E-Bike

Scan the QR code on the e-scooter or e-bike using the app. This will unlock the vehicle and allow you to start your ride. Make sure to check the brakes, tires, and other components before setting off.

Step 5: Ride Safely

Follow the rules of the road, always wear a helmet if provided by the operator, and avoid riding on pavements or in congested areas. End your ride by parking the e-scooter or e-bike in a designated area indicated by the app.

Pricing and Rental Options

Each operator has its own pricing structure, but most offer pay-per-minute rates and daily or weekly rental packages. Helmets are usually available for rent or purchase at an additional cost.

Tips for a Smooth Ride

1. Familiarize yourself with the city’s traffic rules and regulations for e-scooters and e-bikes.

2. Wear a helmet to protect yourself in case of an accident.

3. Be aware of your surroundings and ride defensively.

4. Follow the designated parking areas to avoid fines and penalties.

The Future of Electric Scooters in London

As the electric scooter trials continue, TfL is evaluating the data collected to determine the future of this mode of transportation in London. If the trials prove successful, the city may consider legalizing electric scooters on a wider scale, provided riders adhere to safety regulations and traffic laws.

The future of electric scooters in London is uncertain, but their potential to reduce congestion, improve air quality, and provide affordable transportation options for Londoners is undeniable. As the technology continues to evolve, and regulations are refined, electric scooters may become an integral part of the city’s transportation landscape.

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